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Amethyst Moon Rituals

Elemental Ritual Creations Box Pre-Orders (Quarterly)

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Collection Pre-Orders
Introducing Our Elemental Ritual Creations Box
This very special offering is a SEASONAL QUARTERLY subscription box, it is NOT available for monthly options. It is heavily focused on ritual building with the elements, while also incorporating moon, astrology, crystal energy and more.
Each box expect to receive a minimum of 4 surprise items:
 handcrafted or naturally sourced
☾ useful for ritual building
☾ Minimal Quantity Of These Items
☾ 100% Exclusive items you won't find anywhere else.
☾ Each Subscription Becomes Enrolled in Our Weekly Moon Gathering Newsletter and you will receive tips and tricks on how to use the contents of your quarterly box.

Please note this listing is a subscription purchase that renews every 90 days.
If you do not cancel you will be charged for the next quarterly box for a year.
You are able to pause your subscription if you wish to skip a quarter.

* Ritual Creations Box Purchased at the Quarterly Box Pricing :
Receive three months worth of rituals in one box at once
(Only done in the listed quarters below only):

 ☾ "The Garnet Collection"
January-March Box, Payment by December 22nd for January Delivery.
Last Day Available for purchase March 1st. 
☾ "The Diamond Collection"
April-June Box, Payment March 22nd For April Delivery.
Last Day Available for purchase June 1st. 
"The Ruby Collection"
July-September Box, Payment  by June 22nd For July Delivery.
Last Day Available for purchase September 1st.
"The Tourmaline Collection" 
October- December Box, Payment by September 22nd for October  Delivery.
Last Day Available for purchase December 1st.