Amethyst Moon Rituals

Ayurvedic Healing 1:1 Coaching Experience

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Is your body, mind and soul seeking nourishment? Are you struggling to fall in love with your true self or find your life purpose? Are you someone looking for balance in your day today routine or seeking a simple way to a healthier lifestyle?
This Ayurvedic offering is a 3 month commitment with Jussie to help align any hormonal imbalances, fatigue, or burnt out from daily stresses. Your initial assessment will determine what your physical body and mind is seeking for nourishment to thrive everywhere in your life.This physical and emotional work will assist you in navigating your way back to balance to love yourself with guided support. If you are looking to turn things around in your life, your life will be forever changed with this offering.
Some benefits included in your Ayurvedic journey:
Initial 90 Minute Consultation. Monthly 75 Minute Zoom Calls, unlimited support via Telegram App
(Distance and in Person Sessions Available)