What is Sound Healing

What is Sound Healing

What is Sound Healing?
Sound healing is the use of high vibrational musical instruments or implements that associate with your central nervous system. Different sounds act as activation for parts of the body and promote healing. Our bodies naturally respond to different vibrations (think of how you feel when different songs come on the radio, or how you feel when people talk to you) as everything in this world is energy and connected with vibration. What you can experience with Jussie are quartz singing bowls that are associated with each chakra, helping you activate healing naturally in your body, along with tuning forks and the beautiful sounds of a crystal pyramid.

Why are these practices beneficial?

Promotes healing, Eliminates Stress, Balances Blood Pressure, Pain Management, Allows For Restful Sleep, Dream Activation, Activation of Chakras, Assists in Spiritual Practices.

☾ Monthly Sound Meditations

Join Jussie in this partially guided essence and sound meditation. Yoga mats are provided however we recommend you bring whatever you are comfortable with to sit or lay down.i This is a lightly guided meditation to help rebalance your mind assisted with the beautiful sound of crystal singing bowls.

☾ Personal Sound Meditations

These 50 minute personal sessions are infused with Reiki and medicinal aromatherapy. No session is the same as Jussie intuitively selects which sounds to play to activate your chakras at that moment. 

☾ SOULful MoveMEANT Meditations

This in person offering is a sacred space to heal existing traumas by releasing all judgment, fear, tension and negative emotions while setting their SOULs free through moveMEANT.

These workshops will be held quarterly by Candle or Moonlight. Begin with a cleansing ritual, followed by an introduction of healing vibrational sound therapy to inspire free flowing movement and will be concluded with a guided meditation. No No training necessary . Be yourself . See yourself . Free yourself.