July Happenings

July Happenings

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"What Is Ayurveda?" Weekly Live- Fridays at 1:30 PM EST

Ready to learn about Ayurveda? I will be going LIVE weekly on Fridays at 1:30 PM, EST in the Woogle Community . I will be sharing education on Ayurveda medicine and how elemental energy is integrated into these ancient practices. You will learn how you can utilize them into your daily lifestyle. 

Julys Topics:

July 1st: Traditional History of Ayurveda  | July 8th: Doshas  | July 15th: Women's Health | July 22nd: Food as Medicine | July 29th: Earth Elements and Ayurveda

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Woogle Vendor Event at Hidden Gem in Wallingford

Join Jussie and Shondra at the Amethyst Beauty Lounge table to see all our new custom products! Jussie will also be available for one on one sound healing sessions as well. July 16th, 10 am-5 pm

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Sound Healing Meditation at Divinely Rooted in Wallingford

Join Jussie to celebrate Woogle Week in this partially guided essence and sound meditation. Tune into listening and aligning your chakras to the sounds of crystal singing bowls. This lightly guided meditation, with minimal voice guidance in the beginning and end of the session will help rebalance your mind with the beautiful sound of crystal singing bowls. It is recommended you bring whatever you are comfortable with to sit or lay down.

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36 to 36 Challenge

it's that time again to start preparing for the celebration of my birthday! Last year I turned 35 and decided to do a virtual group challenge. It was so fun to participate with others and hold each other accountable for 35 days.

Cheers to another year! On July 9th, we start our 36 day challenge. Last year, a bunch of determined, inspiring peeps joined me for 35 days, practicing new daily habits and learning more about themselves. Plus, there is a raffle prize at the end for participants.

Well, another year around the sun is coming for me on August 13th- So we are going to do it all over again, with an extra day!

Are you joining me? Venmo the registration fee ($36.00) to my Venmo to be ready to start July 9th! 

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Moon Ritual Ceremony

Channel your inner Moon Gods or Goddess to connect to the energy with like minded souls. Prepare to bring anything you would like for proper clearing and removal to celebrate the New Moon. This ceremony also includes a sound meditation. Each guest will receive a ritual bag as a thank you.

When: Wednesday, July 27th, 6:00 pm)
Where: Amethyst Beauty Lounge

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